Since November 2023 I am employed as a PDRA at the University of York Department of Mathematics. Here I work with Prof. Dr. K. Rejzner and Prof. Dr. C.J. Fewster on the project Symmetry and measurement: a foundation for semi-local quantum physics funded by the EPSRC grant EP/Y000099/1.

In October 2023 I defended my PhD Thesis Semi-classical aspects of black hole formation and evaporation, which I wrote under supervision of Prof. Dr. R. Verch at the Quantum fields and Gravitation group at the university of Leipzig. My PhD position was funded as part of the DFG Research Training Group Strong Dynamics and Criticality in Quantum and Gravitational Systems (RTG 2522).

In August 2019 I completed my Master Thesis Quantum fields on non-globally hyperbolic space-times and the information loss paradox under supervision of Prof. Dr. N.P. Landsman.

"I'd far rather be happy than right any day."

--Douglas Adams