Publications and talks

Peer reviewed publications

Hadamard states on spherically symmetric characteristic surfaces, the semi-classical Einstein equations and the Hawking effect
D.W.J., R. Verch
Classical and Quantum Gravity 40, 045002 (2023), ArXiv:2209.00577

Super-Gaussian Decay of Exponentials: A Sufficient Condition
B. Hinrichs, D.W.J., J. Ziebell
Journal of Mathematical Analysis and Applications 528, 1 (2023), ArXiv:2205.09189

Quantum fields on semi-globally hyperbolic space-times
Communications in Mathematical Physics 391, 669-705 (2022), ArXiv:2111.01643


Quantum reference frames, measurement schemes and the type of local algebras in quantum field theory
C.J. Fewster, D.W.J., L.D. Loveridge, K. Rejzner, J. Waldron
18-3-2024, ArXiv:2403.11973

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